Blair Griffin                                Inquiry into Inquiry                                           UWRT 1103




Inquiry is a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge. When you use inquiry to gather information on an event or person, you are conducting research in order to gain more knowledge or a better understanding and apply that information to whatever they chose to research that particular subject for. Inquiry can come from a number of places, books, internet, magazines, newspapers, or asking information from people. There are endless sources of information to achieve inquiry, and endless subjects to research.

Inquiry based learning is the method of teaching not by immediately presenting information, but posing questions for inquirers to research in order to learn the information for themselves rather than being immediately handed information. Inquiry based learning is most used by higher level educators such as college professors. This method of teaching is relatively new compared to the traditional method of simply presenting information to students and memorizing what is taught to them. In inquiry based learning, however, the student is encouraged to learn information on their own, which may help them to gain a better understanding of the concepts being learned, and form their own opinions of subjects. Teachers who disagree that they should engage their students in the lower levels of learning believe that inquiry changes the nature of global knowledge altogether. However, in order to engage in inquiry-based learning, you need a foundation of facts, concepts, and knowledge first.